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If you like active relaxation and exciting puzzles, Escape Rooms are the perfect free time activities for you! This adventure is both an exciting challenge and a thrilling team game. Your logic, combination and communication skills will be put to the test. To find the way out and solve the mystery of an Escape Room, you have to search for hidden clues and connections between them. Discover hidden abilities that you may not even know you possess. Put your team together and try it out now!
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Was she murdered? Was she taken? Did she quit? The Music Box Theater's leading lady has gone missing. See if you can get the scoop and convince her ...
Emergency! Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt has disappeared! As intelligence agents you have 60 minutes to cross the city, meet your informant and ...
The rival crew is out on a poker run, so we decided to break in and steal their loot. Gotta' be quick, they are not going to like it if all of us jokers...

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Stuck at home with nothing to do? Online escape rooms might be what you are looking for. Authentic escape room experience, a real team building game, the new generation of escape rooms. Distance is no barrier anymore, take control of the game master remotely and see and hear everything through their camera.
A year after the original epidemic, the Zombie Virus known as Malatitus, has been contained, with millions suppressing the virus with daily doses of Qui...
A lone vampire hunter has been separated from their unit and now requires support to defeat the bloodsucker in charge. Can you make your way deep into t...
When the police chase a woman who killed her husband, they track her to the theater of a recluse magician, but they all soon find out that not all is wh...
You are trapped in the Grimm forest! Can you and your companions find the clues, solve the puzzles and break the witch's spell to escape the locked room...
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